Understanding the Issue

It may sound pretty simple at first, but once you think about it a little, you will see that things are not as they appear, or at least not the same as the official spin doctors would like you to believe.

Quake Outcasts are able to see things clearly because of the unique circumstance of not having insurance-related issues to cloud our thinking.

Without consulting the people affected, the government unilaterally decided to impose a colour zoning system on the residential neighbourhoods of Christchurch and neighbouring areas.

The colour zoning system effectively segregated people and their homes into these categories:
- Red (we don't want you to repair or rebuild here, you need to abandon your home and relocate)
- Orange (we don't think you definitely need to abandon you home yet, but let us get back to you)
- Green (we don't care how you get on with your repairs, pretty much we will leave you alone, for now. But let's impose on you another set of zoning called Technical Categories- TC1,TC2,TC3, and will make up rules as we go)
- White (we have no idea yet, because there are money issues or some other factors in the decision-making that we just can't let you know yet)

Official explanation for the purpose behind the zoning is widely know, but the real yet hidden purpose behind this may very well be financial issues related to EQC and associated reinsurance problems. We don't know for sure, but the truth will come out sooner or later.

People in the red zone have had it tough. Unlike some may believe, the red zone offer is not a bailout nor is it a savior to the affected residents. Many, many people will have lost hundreds of millions of equity combined.

In the absence of a real viable alternative, the government's buyout offer is not really voluntary.

Very few people would come out a "winner" because the great majority of homes had market values that are above CVs (ratings valuations).

Some people may believe their homes aren't worth as much and therefore decided to be "helped" by the government offer. That's fine. But what about those that don't want to (or need to) be "helped"?

If the government hadn't meddled with imposing zoning decisions, these folks can at least get on with their own repairs (or rebuild) and get on with their lives, insurance company delays notwithstanding. They would have gotten their money's worth of insurance help from their insurance company, and still own their house and land.

What about the people that don't even get the so called "voluntary offer" from the government? The offer says if you didn't have home insurance you are not eligible, but your home is essentially condemned nonetheless.

If your home is to be taken to make way for a stadium or motorway, you would be compensated in full market value (pre-event) plus ancillary costs, or be compensated like-for-like, under an existing law that govern the taking of private property by government. (That law is the Public Works Act.)

So, now the government wants to take land, so called "red zone" land because it is too expensive to fix all the roads and sewer. This is no different from the stadium or motorway. Insurance should not be an issue. Everyone forced to move must be fully compensated.