Quake Outcasts on Court of Appeal Win (03-Dec-2013)




Today the Court of Appeal made its judgement on the case of David vs Goliath. The government was previously found by the High Court that the red-zoning and 50% land-only offer to Quake Outcasts members unlawful.

The Court of Appeal partially upheld that High Court decision, in saying that the 50% land-only offer was illegal, but falling short of saying the red-zoning policy was unlawful.

For the homeowners and section owners of Quake Outcasts the court decision is a victory. It vindicates the emotional and stressful journey they have had endured over the last two and half years.

However for the rest of New Zealand every homeowner and aspiring homeowner has something new to worry about.

The Court of Appeal essentially gave the green light to government to arbitrarily declare one\'s land a special zone, rob it of the open market, and reduce its value to near nothing.

This is a particularly dangerous slippery slope for a country such as New Zealand that has yet to enshrine a written constitution that irrevocably protects every citizen\'s right to enjoy his or her hard-earned fruit.