About Us

About Us

We, Quake Outcasts, are a residents' group formed to advocate and protect the rights of home owners in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes.

We are not a political party, nor do we support any political party or any particular political candidate. We are not affiliated with any political organisation or movement. We welcome any help any politician can offer out of their desire to serve.

We are Canterbury homeowners who:

1. are being coerced to accept government offers that are below fair market values,

2. are being held hostage by government's zoning policy and unable to live life normally,

3. are feeling frustrated and helpless by the arrogance and unresponsiveness of bureaucrats,

4. are tired of being manipulated into thinking our land is worthless,

5. are otherwise had our homes condemned by red zoning but not even made a buyout offer or even an indication of compensation from the supposedly democratic New Zealand government.