Write to Your MP

MPs are your representatives in Parliament. Their job is to represent your views and advocate for your interests, as well as legislate- to make or change laws.

Write to your MP(s) representing your local area and tell them you are concerned about the issue and ask them to do the right thing. Print out this page and cut out the letter part, fill in your name and address then post to your MPs.

By Post (all MPs):

Freepost Parliament,
Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Waimakariri District: Kate Wilkinson (waimakariri@xtra.co.nz)
Selwyn District: Amy Adams (selwynoffice@parliament.govt.nz)
Christchurch East: Lianne Dalziel (lianne.dalziel@parliament.govt.nz)
Christchurch Port Hills: Ruth Dyson (ruth.dyson@parliament.govt.nz)
Christchurch Central: Nicky Wagner (nicky.wagner@parliament.govt.nz)
Christchurch Wigram: Megan Woods (megan.woods@parliament.govt.nz)
List MPs: Denis O'Rourke (NZ First) (Denis.ORourke@parliament.govt.nz),
Eugenie Sage (Green) (Eugenie.sage@parliament.govt.nz)
Kennedy Graham (Green) (Kennedy.graham@parliament.govt.nz)


Please protect our rights to choose where and how to live!

We the people are calling on you, an elected public servant to recognise the encroachment of basic rights of the people in quake-affected Canterbury and take action to reverse the present dangerous course down a slippery slope.

We ask you to do the right thing for the best interest of the country and the people affected. The zoning and buyout offers are creating undue stress and real financial loss more than the earthquakes for thousands of homeowners. No matter how well-intended the current government policies may be, they are flawed and need to be changed.

There is a real danger of setting a precedent for eroding basic rights of all New Zealanders when the times get tough or when natural disaster strikes.

I ask you to consider the following requests and help adopt the measures that will steer the country onto a better course.

- Halt the coercive red zone ‘offers’.
- Modify the buyout offer to a genuinely voluntary one.
- Respect the wishes of those uninterested in moving.
- Grant the wishes of those interested in a buyout, based on scientific findings.
- Guarantee power, water, sewer, and roading availability to all who wish to stay.
- Base buyout offer price on pre-event fair market values.
- Allow interested sellers to seek independent valuation of their homes.
- Only allow a buyout to go ahead when both buyer and seller agree on a fair price.
- Extend buyout offer over several years to alleviate housing shortage.
- Compensate those who sold their homes to the crown at unfairly low prices.
- Fix our broken roads and bridges now.