Volcanic Eruption Buyout Offer- A Plausible Scenario Every Farmer Should Consider

Due to severe volcanic eruptions in the central North Island, the government announced areas designated "V Zones" are to be evacuated. All farm land and houses are to be cleared. There is no future plan as to if and when people will be allowed back into the V Zones. The government will offer to buy these V Zone properties at the price of last ratings valuation. Farmers who have crop insurance will surrender their insurance entitlements to the Crown.

Further, farmers who have no insurance will receive 50% of their land's RV only, and forfeit all of their crops regardless of whether their crops are affected by the eruptions.
Farmers who currently fallow or grow no crops on their land will receive only 50% of their land's RV.
Farmers who have a commercial building such as milking sheds will receive only 50% of their land's RV, and nothing for the commercial building.

This is a hypothetical scenario of a natural disaster similar to the scale of the Canterbury earthquakes, and where government steps in to "enable people to move on."

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Why should people surrender their insurance entitlements?

Why should uninsured crops be forfeited?

Well this is happening in Canterbury, not to farmland or crops, but to people's homes.

The government's "Red Zone" offer is telling people to: 1. Surrender their insurance entitlements, and,
2. Uninsured, commercial, and bare land owners receive a fraction of the true value of their properties.

Not fair! Not right! Not logical!

Inhuman, immoral, and unethical.

Will you stand up to it?