Feb 2012- Red Zone Retirement Villages Offer a Good Start

Christchurch, New Zealand- Quake Outcasts, Association for the Earthquake Affected Red Zone Homeowners welcomes the government’s extension of the buy-out offer to retirement village residents, but reminds the government that there is still another group of homeowners who are being ignored.

These are the vacant land owners and uninsured homeowners, who have been left in limbo since the government’s June 2011 zoning announcement.

The extension of the buy-out offer to retirement villages overrides a minor technical issue- that these residential units are technically commercial.

“The tying of insurance to the buy-out offer is one of the technicalities the government has to overcome, in order to be absolutely fair to everyone affected by the red-zoning.” Quake Outcasts spokesperson David Millar says.

“This shows a welcoming change in the government’s attitude in balancing compassion and economics, however more needs to be done and soon for those residents who still have their lives put on hold fearing total loss of their homes.”

“These people have really been through a lot, but most are lucky to have suffered little damage to their homes. Worrying about their homes being bulldozed is the last thing they need. ”

“All affected red zone residents should be offered full compensation for their land and homes, regardless of any technicality, that’s only fair in a free and democratic country like New Zealand.”