Quake Outcasts Rallying Ordinary Citizens for Support

Christchurch- Quake Outcasts, a group of homeowners in the infamous residential red zones is rallying ordinary citizens for support with its first airing of radio public announcements and the launch of a brand new informational web site.

These announcements are focusing on raising public awareness of the plight faced by red-zoned people who are seemingly being discriminated against.

"The issues seem complex, but the principles are simple- condemnation without compensation is wrong" Says Quake Outcasts.

Over 13 months after their homes are essentially condemned by red-zoning, uninsured homeowners still have not heard from the government what compensation, if any, they are likely to see when clearing of their neighbourhoods gets fully underway.

Is the government playing the delay tactic and trying to wait them out? Will they be left in limbo indefinitely? Will full compensation be given under the Public Works Act as in any other instance of government's land-taking?

We don't know, nor has any affected resident been consulted in any way.

A new web site, www.TheRealRecovery.org has been launched today to provide information to all concerned and to rally support from good Samaritans.