Myths & Facts

Myth: The government's red zone offer is a bail out.
Fact: The red zone offer is a coercive, forced mass relocation. If it was a bail out, why not offer it to people who are really worst affected by the quakes and are asking for help?

Myth: Everyone is better off because of red zoning.
Fact: Many people are worse-off because of red zoning- they have to take on extra debt and/or decrease their living standards.

Myth: Section owners and uninsured homeowners who were red-zoned by government should not be compensated.
Fact: Red zoning is a government action, and government taking of private property must be accompanied by compensation.

How would you feel if you had crashed your car, and your car is not fully insured with a comprehensive policy, and you are told to give up your car. Even though your car had only a minor dent that costs only a hundred dollars to repair?

Ludicrous, right?

Insured or not, doesn’t matter what kind of insurance you have on your car, your car still belongs to you, even after a crash that is not your fault. No one can say “because you chose not to insure your car, your car now belongs to me”.

Many uninsured red zone homes are not damaged at all, or have only minor cosmetic damage. Some have already spent their OWN MONEY to repair.

Many people are quite happy to continue living in our own homes, without bothering anyone else.

We are only saying, if residents must be forced out of their homes, they must be given full compensation.