Join the Movement for the Real Recovery

Support the petition to the House of Representatives

The Real Recovery is calling everyone to sign the petition to Parliament. Anyone who values his or her right to enjoy the fruit of their hard work- their homes, should sign the petition.

Download a petition signature sheet

The Real Recovery Petition is saying:
- You should be free to live where you want, red-zoning takes away your freedom
- You should be free to choose to repair or rebuild, red-zoning forces you to move.
- Buyout offer should be made only if you are interested, not be forced on you if you aren’t interested.
- A truly voluntary ‘offer’ should give you a viable alternative, not come with threats of cutting off your power and water if you refuse.
- A truly ‘fair’ offer should be made at fair market value, not a take-it-or-leave-it tactic.
- A truly ‘fair’ offer should be made to everyone forced to move, not bugger-you-uninsured-grannies.
- Real ‘recovery’ should help you if you need help, not condemn your land first, ask questions later.
- Real ‘recovery’ would make sense, not forcing you out of your undamaged home.

The Real Recovery Petition is asking our Parliament to tell the government:
- Halt the coercive red zone ‘offers’.
- Modify the buyout offer to a genuinely voluntary one.
- Respect the wishes of those uninterested in moving.
- Grant the wishes of those interested in a buyout, based on scientific findings.
- Guarantee power, water, sewer, and roading availability to all who wish to stay.
- Base buyout offer price on pre-event fair market values.
- Allow interested sellers to seek independent valuation of their homes.
- Only allow a buyout to go ahead when both buyer and seller agree on a fair price.
- Extend buyout offer over several years to alleviate housing shortage.
- Compensate those who sold their homes to the crown at unfairly low prices.
- Fix our broken roads and bridges now.