Court Action Pending to Correct Abonimation to Justice

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Christchurch, New Zealand-

The government is doing a disservice to quake affected homeowners, first by red zoning and preventing them from carrying out repairs, then by offering to take their properties in exchange for peanuts. Threats of cutting off power and water to residents who wish to remain in their homes have been made by officials.

Insurance is used as a red herring to cloud the issue of compensation.

It is not a legal requirement to have insurance cover for any property. The taking of property by government is well-regulated by existing laws and this instance is no different. If anyone\'s property is to be taken for a motorway the homeowner would be fully compensated, regardless of insurance.

In Australia homes built on flood-prone land are being bought back by state and local governments at pre-flood market value, regardless of insurance.

The New Zealand government has repeatedly refused to have a dialogue with affected homeowners in this matter. The 13-September-12 announcement further illustrates their billigenrance and mal-intent. Quake Outcasts will take the matter to court.

The Canterbury Earthquake \"Recovery\" Minister Gerry Brownlee announced on 13-September-2012 that his government will offer to purchase some homes red-zoned by the government at 50% of the land\'s rating valuation. For many affected home owners this offer represents as little as one-seventh of their homes\' value.