Jan 2012- Condemnation without Compensation by Govt Irresponsible and Unethical

Christchurch – While buy-out offers for Red-zoned Christchurch homes are touted as “very fair”, some are excluded intentionally.
Residents are dictated by zoning whether allowed to repair and rebuild.

Only insured homeowners whose homes are red-zoned are eligible for a buy-out offer. Uninsured homeowners and bare land owners are left in limbo with their equities essentially frozen by the half-baked zoning policy.

It was a man-made decision to condemn 6,500 homes.

The decision to condemn uninsured homes or land without a compensation scheme was both irresponsible and unethical.

What we have instead is a half-baked, make-up-as-we-go piece of hastily drafted plan which creates inequities and undue stress upon a quake ravaged people.