Feb 2012- CERA Offer Brings Shame to New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand – Quasi-voluntary buy out offers from CERA are continuing to wreak havoc in people’s lives in quake-stricken Christchurch. Blatant disregard for common sense and compassion by the authority and the minister for earthquake recovery is again putting New Zealand down in the eyes of the world.

Mr Gerry Brownlee, the minister for Canterbury earthquake ‘recovery’, repeatedly rejected calls for a process to review the red zone buy out price. Last year in its own cabinet papers the government planned to set up such a process to help those who may want to dispute the buy out price.

Mr Brownlee said “we will not be negotiating further” after Avonview Retirement Village owner Grant Buchanan voiced concerns that the buy out price for the elderly village residents was insufficient.

In contrast to the arrogant policy, flood-affected homeowners across the ditch are being offered pre-flood market prices for their homes. Take the Brisbane City Buy-back Scheme for example, home owners are given independent valuation and are not being forced to leave their homes if they aren’t interested in moving.

This is truly a dark chapter in New Zealand history. When a few politicians wield incredible power over the people, it inevitably gives rise to power-blindness, the blindness to people’s suffering, the very people they are supposed to serve.